Barton Pogo Pulse UK
Barton Williams


Creator & Developer

Barton is a multiple state and national barefoot water ski champion and P.E teacher with over 18 years experience. Barton is a dynamic presenter and performer, his skills span across sports, film, television and theatre. His most recent physical credit is in Jason Statham’s latest 2018 film MEG where he was a water stunt performer.

An accomplished, published writer across varied platforms within education and sports, Barton is an innovator, creator, a passionate educator and an infectious motivator across many sectors.

Barton originally developed the Pogo Pulse program for primary school students to encourage children to be physically active whilst developing social and physiological skills, earning the program the NSW Sports Safety Award in 2009, and is now taking the Pogo Pulse fitness program to health clubs throughout the UK.

Corey Pogo Pulse UK
Corey Pogo Pulse


Creator & Developer

Corey is a full time Physical Training Instructor for the Australian Army and has been involved in Circus performing part time for the last 8 years, and has also been involved with sports such as Gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, Athletics, Street Performing and Circus Arts.

During his time in the Military as a Physical training Instructor, Corey has developed a passion for coaching and sharing skills to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Corey now combines his passion for the circus arts with his instructional abilities which he has gained from the military. Through his own research, practice and training he focuses on the method behind the movements and the best way to pass that information across to his students.