What do you get when you take a former national water ski champion, a military P.T.I and French Pogostick manufacturer?

A Pogo Pulse Adult Fitness Program and matching fitness pogostick

Pogo Pulse Roots

In 2008 a former national water ski champion and professional water ski coach defied the odds and produced the world’s first instructional tiered children’s fitness program on pogosticks.

It was such a success that in 2009 it won a New South Wales SPORTS SAFETY AWARD and then went on to be released internationally. The creator of this unique physical activity program; Barton Williams was a former school teacher, national water ski champion and advocate for active lifestyles.

Williams then teamed up with Corey Tomlins an Australian Army P.T.I, circus performer and martial artist. Together Tomlins and Williams spent countless hours working with a  range of different pogosticks and anti gravity apparatus eg. stilts and trampolines to finally develop what is now commonly referred to as Pogo Pulse.

Williams & Tomlins discovered the style and performance of French pogostick manufacturer TK8. Having already made success in the world of competition pogostick riding with their Big Air model, TK8 teamed up with Williams and Tomlins to further develop the TK8 fitness models, namely; Pro Fitness and Fun Fitness pogosticks.

Let it be known that whilst the origins came from William’s kids fitness program Pogo Pulse is not for children but it has an infectious engagement like child’s play.

Pogo Pulse UK History

It’s as simple as this…

Pogo Pulse is
more than just jumping up & down
a whole body workout
a fun way to fitness

Our Mission

The Pogo Pulse Method of instruction aims to promote Pogo Stick riding as a lifetime fun activity for health and fitness.

This comprehensive progressive learning program provides adults with a structured program, which will enable them to successfully and safely ride a Pogo Stick or teach an adult to safely ride a pogo stick so that it can be integrated into a fitness program.

In turn, riders will benefit from the physiological benefits of Pogo Stick riding.

Such physiological benefits may be: proprioception, muscular endurance, cardio vascular endurance and core strength, which can all be utilised across any chosen sport or physical exercise.

Our Ethos

Safety, progression, fun and feedback. Only when safe progressive pogo stick instruction is delivered in a fun varied way will success be guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on that all Pogo Pulse trained instructors strive for excellence in their students but only when the best learning environment can be supported.

Instructors Code of Ethics

Prepare your class environment well before start time

Start class on time

Give an explanation of the class objectives

Be clear, Be motivating and Be positive

Create a safe training space

Adjust to the ability of the student/s

Answer questions and Ask questions

Be a great role model

Encourage all students

Have fun, have a laugh, have fun

Students Code of Ethics

Pack a towel and water

Arrive before scheduled start time

Listen to the instructors and ask questions if you don’t understand

Disclose any injuries or illness to your instructor that are relevant

Stay positive

Clean up after yourself

Know your limits, be honest, listen to your body, ask and adjust accordingly

Ask questions and be receptive to suggestions

Encourage each other

Have fun, have a laugh, have fun