The Gear

TK8 Air Fitness Pogo Stick

Get fit and get air with the TK8 AIR FITNESS pogostick!

Complete with resistance bands and supporting side arms/legs to allow push ups, handstands and bodyweight ground work to be done.

The freestyle pogostick TK8 BIG AIR provides riders of more than 110 pounds or from 14 years with great air while achieving many amazing tricks, such as rail slides and peg grabs. Have fun while discovering new tricks, either in the city, the countryside or in your local gym/club.

And of course, it is a perfect tool for your cardio training, balance, and all muscle groups!


with Pogo Pulse Fitness Classes

Conceived and manufactured in France. The raw materials are selected with high standards and comes from France and Austria. Each part is manufactured by TK8 in order to guarantee the best reliability. You can take advantage with the best pogo stick.


The TK8 Air Fitness Pressured Pogo stick makes it possible to realise jumps using air propulsion system adaptable to the level of each jumper: you just need to set the correct air pressure. We recommend a pressure of between 3 and 4 bars according to your weight.

A jumper will begin with a pressure of 3.5 bars for trying the TK8 Air Fitness Pogo Stick. Then you can adjust the air pressure depending if the bounce is too hard or too soft.

Different materials have been used in order to combine strength with and reduced weight. The TK8 Air Pressured Fitness Pogo Stick is only around 8lbs so it is easier to pull off. For example, the footstep is made out of an alloy of fibreglass and resin so that it is very solid and light.